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About this Blog

Doing an illustration for my other blog, I had a very frustrating experience with new quality drawing paper which got me thinking and indeed resulted in a flood of ideas, what can be done with the 99 sheets of paper that are still left from the block. So I decided to install a whole new blog to show you the results. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I like to create the projects.

The sheets of paper I am working with are size A4 (21 x 29.7 mm), 185 g/m².

TERMS OF USE: I'm happy for you to use this tutorial to make items which you can keep, give as gifts or sell. You are not permitted to copy, resell or distribute the tutorial in any form (printed or digital). All images and texts are my own and under copyright.

Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Easter Postcard (2)

This is the second Easter postcard. I wanted to further experiment with weaving, this time in wool.

Easter Postcard With Wool Egg

Material: 1 sheet of white paper
                1 sheet of green paper
                mending yarn in turquoise (or another colour of your liking)
                adhesive tape
                spray glue
  • Print the template for the egg on the white sheet of paper.
  • Cover the dots with adhesive tape for more stability. This is the back side of the postcard, so it won't show.
  • Pierce all the dots.
  • Start weaving by doing all the vertical lines. This is the warp.
  • Begin with the weft at the bottom of the egg. As you can see, I applied two different techniques: plain-weaving and twill-weaving. You can find the explanation here. To achieve the herringbone effect you have to change the direction of the warp thread you are weaving under: to let the pattern 'move' to the right, weave under the next warp thread to the right in every row, to move to the left vice versa.
  • Suture all ends neatly on the back.
  • Cover the green paper with spray glue and press thoroughly to the back of the white paper.
  • Fold carefully along the middle with a bone folder.
You can further vary your design by using different colours for the weft and creating stripes.

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