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About this Blog

Doing an illustration for my other blog, I had a very frustrating experience with new quality drawing paper which got me thinking and indeed resulted in a flood of ideas, what can be done with the 99 sheets of paper that are still left from the block. So I decided to install a whole new blog to show you the results. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I like to create the projects.

The sheets of paper I am working with are size A4 (21 x 29.7 mm), 185 g/m².

TERMS OF USE: I'm happy for you to use this tutorial to make items which you can keep, give as gifts or sell. You are not permitted to copy, resell or distribute the tutorial in any form (printed or digital). All images and texts are my own and under copyright.

Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Dangling Ornaments

For this project I made some ornaments to decorate twigs from my garden with but which you could also hang in front of your window. I took dogwood twigs because I love their beautiful mahogany red bark.

How to:

Material: 1-2 sheets of white paper
                cardboard cylinders of different diameters
                white yarn (I used very thin cotton yarn for crocheting lace)

There are two different types of ornaments.

No. 1: Furry ornament
  • Cut three squares for each ornament, about half a centimeter longer than the circumference of your cylinder (which should be 1 cm broad) and 3, 4 and 5 centimeter high.
  • Now cut the heights in very thin strips (ca. 1 mm), working from the edges of the height to the center, leaving 1 cm uncut.
  • Cut a piece of yarn about 25 cm long.
  • Spread glue evenly around the cylinder and fix the ends of the yarn under the first strip of fringed paper, beginning with the widest of the three. Let dry thoroughly.
  • Apply the next strip (middle width) and at last the narrowest.
  • When it is completely dry, carefully ruffle the fringes to give it its 'furry' look.
No. 2: Wrap-around rings
  • Cut strips of 3-4 mm width.
  • Cut a piece of yarn about 25 cm long.
  • Spread glue thinly on the whole strip and wrap thightly around the ring in two layers. Fix the ends of the yarn under the first wraps.
  • You can leave them just like that or embellish them further by adding patterns of very thin cut paper strips (1mm) in different patterns or even some circles gathered from your hole punch.
I did not work too regularly when wrapping or cutting and ruffling the fringes to give the ornaments a more vivid appearance.

For easter I also intend to do some egg-shaped ornaments made of all shades of green paper. I will show them to you in time.

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