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About this Blog

Doing an illustration for my other blog, I had a very frustrating experience with new quality drawing paper which got me thinking and indeed resulted in a flood of ideas, what can be done with the 99 sheets of paper that are still left from the block. So I decided to install a whole new blog to show you the results. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I like to create the projects.

The sheets of paper I am working with are size A4 (21 x 29.7 mm), 185 g/m².

TERMS OF USE: I'm happy for you to use this tutorial to make items which you can keep, give as gifts or sell. You are not permitted to copy, resell or distribute the tutorial in any form (printed or digital). All images and texts are my own and under copyright.

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Princess Crown

Carnival has come and you don't have a crown for your little princess?! Here's an easy one to make.

Princess Crown How To

Material: 1 sheet of white paper
                1 sheet of sandwich paper
                oil pastels
                glue stick, glue
                hole punch
                elastic yarn
  • Make a template for the crown that leaves a strip of about 7 - 8 cm straight lengthwise, with a pattern that can be divided by 8 for the positions of the roses. In line with the big roses in the center cut out small strips of 1 cm width to the edges.
  • For the roses rumple the sandwich paper, smooth it and paint one side pink, one side red. Cut out 9 (!) squares of 5 cm and twist around the center, shaping them blossomlike. Cut the corners round.
  • For the leaves, also rumple the sandwich paper, smooth it and paint one side dark green, one side light green. Cut out 27 leaves. It's not necessary to make them all exactly the same.
  • Now glue 3 leaves to the marks for the roses, also at random rather than regularly and only to the center, leaving most of the leaves loose. Pierce through the leaves and the white paper and thread the 'stems' of 8 roses. Glue the stems onto the back of the white paper and cover with a small piece of white paper.
  • Cut out 3 small leaves and 2 circles (with a hole punch) per rose for the small ones at the edges and glue them on, again only at the center.
  • Fold the 8 narrow strips of paper to the outside directly at he beginning and carefully shape them to arches.
  • Glue the straight part of the crown together, overlapping for 1 cm.
  • Pierce the long strips half a centimeter from the ends and glue them together. Glue on 3 (larger) leaves, thread the last big rose through and fix like the others.
  • To fix the crown on your child's head, pierce 2 small holes 1 cm from the lower edge of the crown on opposite sides (reinforce them with an additional layer of paper for more durability) and thread and knot a length of elastic yarn according to the size of her head.
Happy carnival for your little princess!

Feel free to order the template here.

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